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Craig C. Howie, President & CEO
Charlotte Hansen CPA, SVP/CFO
Elissa G. Reynolds, SVP / Operations
Peter T. Garland, SVP/CCO
Crystal Sides, SVP/Enterprise Risk Officer
Richard J. Nurge, VP
Charles Maynard, VP/ Relationship Manager
Irene H. Tan, VP/ Relationship Manager
Richard C. Layman, VP/Senior Credit Analyst
Geoffrey S. Gibbons, Loan Administration Officer
Rachel Carlson, AVP/Information Systems Security Officer
Roxann Boyce, Accounting Officer
Lora L. Prior, Operations Compliance Officer
Anne H. Jones, Corporate Secretary / Office Manager
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 About Us

BBN | Bankers' Bank Northeast

Established September 8, 1998, Bankers' Bank Northeast is an FDIC insured Connecticut chartered bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve.  The Bank offers a variety of correspondent services to shareholders and clients throughout the six New England states and New York at a competitive price and with a high degree of quality, responsiveness and availability.

  • The Bank is a reliable alternative source for correspondent services to financial institutions.  In recent years, the number of financial institutions offering correspondent services has diminished due to mergers, failures, lack of interest and management decisions to downsize or eliminate marginally profitable business lines.
  • The Bank is dedicated to meeting the financial, operational and business needs of its shareholders and client financial institutions.  The Bank is owned by its clients, and therefore, operates for their exclusive benefit.
  • The Bank is not a competitor but a business partner.  In many instances, community financial institutions are acquiring correspondent services from the large competitor "across the street" who provides the correspondent with revenue and business activity.
  • The Bank is committed to providing high quality, leading-edge products and services to help shareholders and clients enhance their competitiveness, profitability and ability to meet the challenges of tomorrow.  Our mission is the survival and viability of community financial institutions.
  • The Bank management consists of Directors from shareholder financial institutions with substantial banking and senior management experience.  The senior officers also possess significant experience and achievements in the banking industry.  Please read more about our CEO and CFO.


Member FDIC

October 10, 2014