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Elissa G. Reynolds, SVP / Operations
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Crystal Sides, SVP/Enterprise Risk Officer
Richard J. Nurge, VP
Charles Maynard, VP/ Relationship Manager
Irene H. Tan, VP/ Relationship Manager
Richard C. Layman, VP/Senior Credit Analyst
Geoffrey S. Gibbons, Loan Administration Officer
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Lora L. Prior, Operations Compliance Officer
Anne H. Jones, Corporate Secretary / Office Manager
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 Anne H. Jones
 Corporate Secretary / Office Manager

Anne Jones joined Bankers' Bank Northeast in June of 2010. As Office Manager, she is primarily responsible for the Bank's human resource functions, including payroll and benefits administration for all Bank employees. She is the liaison to the building management company and also provides administrative support to the President / CEO.

Anne's duties as Corporate Secretary are set forth by corporate by-laws. She keeps the official records and minutes of the Bank, and serves as a focal point for communication between the board of directors, senior management and the company's shareholders. A key responsibility is to ensure that Board members have the proper resources for discharging their fiduciary duties to shareholders under state law. Anne is responsible for ascertaining that the records of the Board's actions reflect the proper exercise of those fiduciary duties by partnering with outside counsel. It is also her duty to provide guidance on corporate governance issues, particularly related to the re-election of directors and other shareholder action taken at Annual Meetings.

Anne's varied career experience includes working in both non-profit and for-profit sectors. She spent six years at the Library Company of Philadelphia, a rare-books research library of 18th century Americana, and another four years in book publishing sales at the Wilcox Walter Furlong Company. Most recently, Anne served as the Administrative Office Manager for a non-diocesan order of priests in Manchester, Connecticut.

Anne's undergraduate education includes attendance at Boston University, the University of Denver and the University of New Hampshire.

July 23, 2014