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Charlotte Hansen CPA, SVP/CFO
Elissa G. Reynolds, SVP / Operations
Peter T. Garland, SVP/CCO
Crystal Sides, SVP/Enterprise Risk Officer
Richard J. Nurge, VP
Charles Maynard, VP/ Relationship Manager
Irene H. Tan, VP/ Relationship Manager
Richard C. Layman, VP/Senior Credit Analyst
Geoffrey S. Gibbons, Loan Administration Officer
Rachel Carlson, AVP/Information Systems Security Officer
Roxann Boyce, Accounting Officer
Lora L. Prior, Operations Compliance Officer
Anne H. Jones, Corporate Secretary / Office Manager
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 Lora L. Prior
 Operations Compliance Officer

Lora joined Bankers' Bank Northeast in January 2003 as an International Services Operations Specialist. In September 2006, she assumed the additional responsibilities of EFT Services Supervisor.

Lora has been very involved in the international foreign exchange activities for Bankers' Bank Northeast and continues to be the go-to person for her international expertise. She works closely with the various foreign exchange service providers and has been instrumental in introducing Bankers' Bank Northeast and our clients to the SWIFT Network (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications). In addition to the foreign exchange duties, Lora is responsible for all activities involving Fedline and STARS™ for the Bank and our clients.

Because of her involvement in foreign exchange along with her role as EFT Services Supervisor, she is an active participant in ensuring compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA). With her appointment to BSA/AML analyst in the fall of 2009, she officially assumed the responsibilities for daily compliance, education and overview of the Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering programs for Bankers' Bank Northeast.

Lora is a 1992 graduate of Johnson & Wales University and earned her banking certificate from the New England College of Finance (NECF) in 2004. Lora is currently studying for her ACH AAP Accreditation in addition to attending many industry-related classes, seminars, conferences and certification programs.

July 22, 2014